Thursday, 12 January 2012

simple SEO tips

Simple summary for optimization techniques
In order to drain more traffic to your websites, do it appropriately following the rules. Trying to jump the queue by applying the black hat (unethical) SEO technique can cause you troubles.

Here are some simple SEO techniques which can increase the visibility of your website:

1. Register with a top level domain (like HubPages, Blogger and Wordpress).

2. Maintain and update your website every day.

3. Translation of websites (for wider target audience)

4. Use the right keywords relevant to your content

5. Backlinks (be appropriate. Do not overly link to your web.)

6. Create sitemap (submit to search engines, but do not submit through unreliable website which can cause your site to be blocked. I usually manage and get to know the status of my site through Google Webmaster Tools.)

7. Promote through social network (eg. Facebook and Tweeter)

8. Participate actively in forums related to your web content (share your knowledge and refer them to your website for further details. Do not spam the forum or annoy people with your links)

9. Add Metatag to your website (provide details of your website to search engines)

10. Check the "quality" of your Metatag (use Metatag analyser)

11. Understand how SEO works in Google (You can try to find out how it works for other search engines as well. But I’m targeting Google as it’s more famous and they provide all the information you need for it.

12. Manage your traffic (get to know where is the source of your audience. I use Google Analyticsto monitor the performance of my site. I get to know which types of article has more audience and from where they are directed to my site)

Things to avoid in SEO

Some “experts” are trying to cheat the search engines by:

1. publishing contents merely with keywords (keyword phrase that many are looking for), which are unrelated to their website

2. Exchanging links on a massive scale (to create backlinks from relevant websites)

3. Link farms (link spamming in a group of websites which is linking to each other)

4. Hiring unreliable SEO company which uses aggressive ways to promote your website.

5. Stuff the website with invisible keywords

If we're able to notice these black hat techniques, I'm sure the search engines will be updated to filter all those websites with unethical SEO techniques. So, be aware of it. Hopefully my advice is useful for the beginner.