Monday, 26 August 2013

Technical Aspects of Page Load Time

How to reduce page load time below are the technical parameters have a look .

1. Optimization of Picture Size:
The pictures on your web page take up a lot of your web page dimension and can eventually affect the running duration of your web page. It is not enough to downsize your site's pictures in the HTML manager because that only changes the appearance of the picture in the front-end and not its actual dimension. Use exterior picture manager sources to re-size the pictures, such as Photoshop.
Here are some on the internet sources to optimize your website's images:
JPEG & PNG Stripper
Online Picture Optimizer

2. Picture Data file Format:
For enhanced running duration of your web page it is perfect to stick to conventional image types such as JPG, PNG and GIF.

3. Prevent Written text Graphics:
Some sites may need stylized text to make the web page look attractive. However, you must keep in mind that text in the form of a picture can take up a lot of the web page dimension and is of no use for SEO. It is thus perfect to use the writing styles in CSS and keep everything in text structure instead.

4. Prevent Needless Plugins:
A web page that needs plug-ins may slowly your web page running rate. Not all plug-ins are unnecessary, for example, public share plug-ins which are a must-have for every web page these days. That said, always examine to see if there is a better alternative to the plug-in, for example, using a CMS with in-built public plug-ins.

5. Prevent Inline JS and CSS files:
It is a sensible exercise to position your site's JS and CSS in exterior information files. When the web page plenty the internet browser caches these information files on the outside and decreases the web page fill time. Moreover, having the JS and CSS information files on the outside allows for easy web page maintenance.

6. Improve Caching:
Every time a guest plenty a web page, your web page’s image information files, CSS and Coffee information files fill as well, thus taking up a lot of web page fill time. When you use the HTTP caching program on your web page it allows these file sources to be cached or stored by the internet browser or proxies. On recurring web page plenty these information files can be recovered from the cached information files rather than installing them all over again from the network. Moreover, by improving the caching program of your web page you also usually decrease the data transfer useage and hosting costs on your web page.

7. Place JavaScript at the end of the Document:
Ensure that your JS file is placed at the end of records as JS file fill may restrict the running of the following information files.

8. Prevent Redirects:
Avoiding blows enhances providing rate. Some blows are inevitable and need to be in position but you must keep in mind that this needs an additional HTTP which enhances the web page fill time. Check out broken links and fix them immediately.

9. Reduce DNS Lookups:
DNS (Domain Name System) Search occurs when a URL (hostname) is entered in a internet browser and a DNS resolver profits that server’s IP address. Enough time required for this procedure is around 20 – 120 milliseconds, however, several hostnames can be used for various elements on a web page, which includes the URL, pictures, program information files, design linens and display elements. With several exclusive hostnames the DNS lookup also enhances thus increasing the web page fill time. Decreasing the variety of exclusive hostnames will decrease the variety of similar installing, which may improve the web page running time.  It is thus perfect to use one variety when you have less than six sources. You can also use URL routes instead of hostnames. This means that if you have a web page that is organised on, you can instead variety it on

10. Eliminate Needless CSS and HTML:
Lighten the rule of your web page by eliminating any HTML or CSS that is not required. If your web page is designed on a CMS, chances are you have pre-installed CSS category and id ‘stubs’ that help design the theme. Eliminate rarely used category and ID conditions or merge several conditions into one.

11. Prevent Multiple Monitoring Scripts:
While it is wise to keep an eye on your site's traffic statistics, it is not advisable to use several tracking software programs as this may restrict the web page fill time. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress, you could allow WP statistics to run programs on your web page or Search engines Statistics, but never both. E-commerce shopping trolley solution application CMS usually have their own standard tracking program which cannot be removed when you use Search engines Statistics instead.

12. Set up G-Zip Encoding:
Similar to information files on your PC that are zipped and compacted to decrease the total dimension during on the internet file exchanges, heavy information files on your web page can be zipped with something called the G-Zip Pressure. This helps you to save data transfer useage and download efforts and most of all decreases your web page running rate. You should set up the server so that it profits zipped material.

13. Reduce HTTP Requests:
Use CSS Sprites to decrease the variety of image demands. Combine qualifications pictures into a single image by using CSS background-image and background-position elements. Combine inline pictures into your cached stylesheets. HTTP demands are increased when there are copy programs in the rule so make sure that you identify consider these copy programs. To keep replication under management use Script tag on your HTML web page, as proven in the example below:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”menu_1.0.17.js”></script>
You may use an insertScript function in your PHP web page, as proven in this example:
<?php insertScript(“menu.js”) ?>

14. Use Expires/Cache-Control Header:
You can use Ends headers for fixed elements of the web page and Cache-Control headers for powerful ones. Using these headers makes the various elements of a web page, including pictures, stylesheets, programs and display, cacheable. This in turn reduces HTTP demands and thus enhances the web page fill time. With the use of Ends headers you can actually management the period of time that elements of a web page can be cached, as proven in the example below:
Expires: Wed, 20 Apr 2015 20:00:00 GMT
If your server is Apache you can set the here we are at cached material by using the ExpiresDefault instruction. This sets the expiry time frame as a certain period of time from the current date:
ExpiresDefault “access plus 15 years”

15. Place Style Covers at the top of Documents:
It is conventional exercise to position design linens at the top of a papers. The web page elements that are delivered from the server open gradually in your internet browser as started by these design elements. From the routing bar and company logo to the websites material, the visual development of a running web page gives rich consumer experience, even if a customer has a slowly internet access. Style linens also improve the web page fill time.

16. Minification of JavaScript and CSS:
Minification is the procedure of eliminating rarely used figures from the rule which reduces its dimension and the following running time.
The following are two such minification sources available online:
YUI Compressor

17. Use GET Requests instead of POST:
It is found that using the html ‘METHOD’ feature GET processes information much faster than POST when inquiring information on a internet browser. Although both HTTP methods achieve the same result, POST delivers the headlines first and then delivers the information while GET takes only one TCP bundle to send information. Also, GET is suggested for AJAX demands as it can be cached and remains in the internet browser history.

18. Prevent unnecessary DOM elements:
Crowded markups, for example, one with a lot of <div> elements, can significantly slowly the Document Item Model (DOM) accessibility in JavaScript. Instead of using stacked tables for structure, you can use plants.css, print styles.css and totally reset.css. You can analyze the variety of DOM elements by writing the following in Firebug’s console:
You might also want to reduce DOM accessibility by caching sources to utilized elements, upgrading nodes off-line and preventing the use of JavaScript to fix templates.

19. Reduce Biscuit Size:
The information stored in biscuits is interchanged between web servers and internet explorer. Hence, by lessening the dimension the biscuits you decrease the dimension the information that is moved and improve the web page fill time. Eliminate unnecessary biscuits and set your Ends time frame to a earlier period of time, or provide no Ends time frame at all to decrease the dimension the biscuits.

20. Upgrade CMS Software
If you are using a CMS such as WordPress it is suggested to examine frequently for up-dates in the application but do not fill these on a live web page. First carry out improvements on a separate server to analyze them. Keeping up to date with application up-dates also enhances a website's rate.
You can analyze your site's web page fill efforts and web page dimension with the WooRank Website Review tool. A example analyze is proven in the screen shot below:

Thursday, 15 August 2013

100 SEO Tool helps in SEO Success

1. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool
Concerned about Google Penguin criteria reaching you for over-optimized core text? Simply kind in your URL for a complete review of which hyperlinks might increase banners.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools
Similar in function to Google webmaster tools

3. Bitly
Most frequently used as URL shortening,
4. Boomerang
Bounce back allows you to adhere to up on emails, even when you ignore. Great for
Backlink developing or any time you deliver a lot of e-mails.
5. Buffer

 Optimize your online social networking discussing. Buffer allows you to discuss with your viewers at the maximum times for higher exposure.
6. BuiltWith

Use BuiltWith to discover what technology nearly any website was, well, built with. Great for competitive intelligence as well.

 7. Buzzstream Tools Suite

Most individuals know Buzzstream as an outreach place, but they also provide a variety of 100 % free link-building resources.
8. Caption Tube

Free and easy source used to make sayings for YouTube. Helps with functionality and provides audiences a understandable records.

9. CircleCount

Google+ statistics ramped up. Totally free source to monitor your supporters and evaluate your stocks. See how many supporters you've obtained over time.
10. Content Strategy Generator Tool

This device from SEOgadget helps you plan your content strategy wisely, using market and keyphrase research and calculating your viewer size.

11. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Despite the increase of Google Documents, Word still rules much of the world. Duplicating and sticking has always been a barrier, but this device enables you.

12. Copyscape

Copyscape provides both as a plagiarism checker and a duplicate-content checker. Excellent to use if your material has been allocated across the web.
13. Domain Hunter Plus

This miracle expansion for Chrome not only allows you find important damaged hyperlinks, but also informs you if the hyperlinks factor to an available sector.

Free tools for creating and sharing inforgraphics.

15. Email Format

Email Format helps you choose the right structure for a large number of companies and companies across the web.
16. FindPeopleonPlus
The ultimate Google+ listing that's great for research, outreach, and backlink building. Sort by search phrases, career, country, and more.

17. Frobee Robots.txt Checker

Many robots.txt information contain invisible mistakes not easily noticeable to people. Run your computer file through this device and you never know what you'll discover.
18. GetListed
This awesome local SEO tool scores your local SEO visibility and gives you actionable next steps to raise your score.

19. Google Keyword Planner
Google most well-known keyword and key phrase device has been criticized by some, but still provides information not available anywhere else.

20. Google Analytics
The most well-known of all the analytic resources available, Search engines Statistics constantly innovates and places the conventional.

21. Google Analytics API
The Look for Google Research API is excellent for developing customized reviews and resources, and also for taking details directly into Succeed or Look for engines Documents.

22. Google Map Maker

Among other factors, Google Map Maker allows you to give the increase to community map details, which may be distributed and integrated into Look for engines Charts.

23. Google PageSpeed Insights

Tools, data, and concepts to enhance your web page rate. Page rate is associated with better positions and customer involvement, so this issue.

24. Google Public Data

Drawing on wide community data source, Look for Google community details provides an excellent place to start for material research, infographics, and more

25. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool
That SEO Mofo! Use this device to see how your snippet may appear in Google google search. Add organized details, evaluation celebrities, and more.

26. Google Structured Data Testing Tool
See what's popular in Online search motor outcomes and perspective keyword and key phrase search reputation eventually. A must for styles.

27. Google Trends
Keyword Research
See what's trending in Google search results and view keyword search popularity over time. A must for trends.

28. Google Webmaster
The customer interface lately obtained an renovation, and Look for engines Website owner continues to be a must-have source of analytic and health resources for online promoters.

IFTTT appears for IF This, Then That. The device allows you to create automated activates between various applications, like Googlemail and Tweeter.

A excellent 100 % free Infographics source that allows you to quickly create design and details visualizations.

31. Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools
The Ninjas are some of the best SEOs and online promoters out there, and they've put some of their best resources online.
32. Linkstant
This amazing analytics device signals you at any time someone hyperlinks to your website. Ideal for outreach and intellect collecting.

33. Email Guesser
Need to deliver a message, but you don't have the recipient's address? Kind in what you know and this amazing device will help you determine it out.

Need to deliver a message to an untried deal with, but you don't want to junk them? Examine it first with this email specialist to confirm.

35. MozCast
Want to know if Look for engines is testing its criteria this week? MozCast gives you a everyday environment to monitor changes in the SERPs.

36. MyBlogGuest
Link Building, Content
Guest writing a weblog is still in existence and success. MyBlogGuest helps you get the excellent possibilities out there..

37. Panguin Tool
This amazing device joins with your Look for engines Research account to help you see if and when you've been hit by Look for engines Algorithm up-dates.

38. Pingdom
Pingdom provides an whole suite of rate resources to help evaluate web page complete, DNS problems, and connection.

39. Piwik
Piwik is a light and portable web analytics remedy, and a fantastic option to Look for engines Research.

40. Rank Checker for Firefox
This light and easy pc device assessments positions with the mobile. Fast, easy and 100 % free.

41. Rapportive
Rapportive performs with your Googlemail mailbox to provide you near-instant wealthy get in touch with details for almost everyone you want to achieve. A must-have for promoters.

42. Remove Duplicate Items
Ontolo provides a collection of link developing application and a few beneficial efficiency resources for link contractors. The remove copies device resolves a very common problem.

43. Robots.txt Checker
Use robots best techniques and discover invisible mistakes in your robots.txt data files that may cause search motor creeping problems.

44. Schema Creator
Everyone likes using, but the microformats are difficult to create by hand. This designer from the people at Raven makes easier the process.

45. Scraper for Chrome
If you've never crawled a web site, you're losing out. Scrape for Chrome places the energy of easy web cotton wool swab in your arms without the need for the rule.

46. Seer Toolbox
SEER started out up its inner tool kit for everyone in the world to use. These are the same resources used in-house at SEER, and they stone.

47. SEO Toolbar
On of the most well-known resources available, The SEO Plug-in places a ton of details at your convenience such as inbound links and aggressive research.

48. SEO Tools for Excel
Tools Package, Research, Social
You don't need to be an Succeed ninja to use Niels Bosma's SEO Tools for Succeed. This plugin does so many factors many SEOs won't work without it.

49. SEOgadget Links API
The SEOgadget Links API allows you quickly collect not only back-link details but get in touch with details as well. A large way to save your time.

50. SEOgadget Tools
This suite of resources from the Device lab contains several Succeed plug-ins, a material technique designer, and more.

51. SEOQuake
Toolbar, Tools Package, Specialized SEO
More raw details than any other SEO toolbar out there.

Want to know how any piece of material was distributed culturally across the significant services? This is the device to use.

53. SharedCount API
Harnessing the mixed statistics of Google+, Tweets, Facebook or myspace, and more, the SharedCount API places a ton of community details at your convenience.

54. Similar Page Checker
Use this device to confirm for duplicate material problems. The Identical Page Checker provides you with a ranking of how carefully the HTML of two webpages look like each other.

55. Sitemap Generators

Google provides a number of 100 % free, top-notch sitemap turbines. Most of these live on your web host server and produce new sitemaps instantly.

56. Social Authority API
How much achieve and community authority do your supporters have? How about the people you're trying to link with? The 100 % free Social Power API will tell you.

57. Social Crawlytics
Social Crawlytics allows you to execute aggressive research by displaying you your competitors' most-shared material. Lots of other functions as well.

58. Social Mention
Social discuss provides real-time community networking search and research. Get into a key phrase and see who's discussing what, right now.

59. Text Cleaner
Some of the best resources fix the most convenient problems. Written text better clears up all types of text style when duplicating and sticking between aplications.

60. Ubersuggest
Every SEO likes Ubersuggest for its convenience of use and prosperity of market and keyphrase research concepts. Using the energy of Look for engines Recommend, it profits a large number of potential outcomes.

61. URI Valet
A useful gizmo for searching into web host server headers, canonical details, examining divert problems and more.

62. Virante SEO Tools
Virant provides a variety of top quality SEO resources to the community. These are often the same resources designed for the Virant group, started out up for community use.

63. Wayback Machine
Want to see the record of your website or your opponent's site? The Wayback Device allows you to take a step back in record and monitor essential changes.

64. WebPagetest
Quick and easy website rate device. Offers recommendations for enhancing performance.

65. Wordle
Create a wonderful phrase atmosphere. Ideal for visualizations, design, and research.

66. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools
In inclusion to its compensated promotions, Wordstream provides a collection of 100 % free keyword and key phrase resources providing access to a large number of keyword and key phrase recommendations.

67. Xenu's Link Sleuth
Winner of the ugliest-SEO-tool-on-the-planet prize, Xenu is also one of the most useful. Spider whole websites, discover damaged hyperlinks, create sitemaps, and more.

XML-Sitemaps provides probably the most convenient sitemap development remedy anywhere. Ideal for small websites when you need a sitemap in moments.

69. Yahoo Pipes
A excellent mashup device that brings together different nourishes into material and other wonderful designs. Used for link developing and whatever you can desire of.

70. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
If you could only choose one WordPress plugin for you website, the first would be from Yoast, and so would the second. This one places the conventional.

71. YouTube Analytics
Offers video-specific analytics for YouTube video clips. A must-have for YouTube movie marketers.
Free and Paid

72. Ahrefs
One of the more well-known link research resources, Ahrefs provides a large catalog and awesome anchor-text submission maps. Mostly a compensated device, but they offer some 100 % free details.

73. Banana Tag
Banana Tag allows you to monitor your e-mails after you deliver them. For example, look at the email start prices from Googlemail.

74. CloudFlare
How do they create CloudFlare free? It performs both as a CDN and a protection service to provide your website with rate and protection.

75. Followerwonk
Perhaps the best thing about Followerwonk is the capability to monitor your supporters. Intelligent SEOs also use it for outreach and research.

76. Keyword Eye
Keyword eye contributes a perspective to market and keyphrase research by including wealthy visualizations — essential when you want to move beyond search phrases to useful concepts.

77. KnowEm
KnowEm allows you to confirm Many community information at once to confirm accessibility. Looking for the perfect product name? Examine KnowEm first.

78. Majestic SEO
You've probably seen Spectacular SEO link maps all over the Online. Great creeping technological innovation along with several 100 % free choices create for excellent link research.

79. Majestic SEO API
Majestic makes much of its back-link details available for 100 % free via its API.

80. MozBar
The conventional SEO toolbar for hordes of promoters, the MozBar allows you to execute over 50 key projects right from your internet browser. Strongly suggested.

81. Mozscape API
Companies everywhere integrate the Mozscape API into their own items, but it's also available to individuals, and much of the details is 100 % free.

82. nTopic
nTopic is one of the few confirmed techniques for providing your material a relevance ranking and providing keyword and key phrase recommendations to enhance it.

83. Open Site Explorer
When Look for engines and Google started eliminating back-link details from the community, Moz designed Open Site Traveler to complete a large need. See inbound links, anchor-text, reputation analytics and more.

84. Piktochart
A lovely and easy infographic designer. No experience required.

85. RowFeeder
RowFeeder allows you to monitor community usernames, hashtags and search phrases and complete that details into Succeed for easy community networking monitoring.

86. Screaming Frog
A extremely effective website creeping device with a ton of functions and customized remaking. A must-have for most serious SEOs.

87. Searchmetrics Visibility Charts
Track the search visibility of any website, moreover to tracking champions and nonwinners in Google google search.

88. SEMrush
The compensated and natural keyword and key phrase details provided by SEMrush is often terrifying excellent and extensive. Also excellent for exploring competitors' ads.

89. SERPmetrics
SERPmetrics flux maps monitor the flux for US google search across Google, Google and Look for engines over a 30-day period. A compensated API is also available.

90. SimilarWeb
Impressive aggressive intellect across a variety of online sectors. Opponent website statistics are hard to come by, but Identical Web does a excellent job.

91. StatCounter
Free, quick, and light and portable analytics remedy. Often used by those who want to prevent using Look for engines Research for comfort reasons.

92. Trello
Project control and tracking made easy. Used and suggested by Moz.

93. Whitespark Local Citation Finder
Finding local details is key to local SEO. Whitespark provides a variety of compensated and 100 % free alternatives to discover a nearby details to increase above the competitors.

94. Whois Lookup
Find signing up, get in touch with, and control details for any sector.

95. Wistia
The master of movie, Wistia provides SEO-friendly alternatives for movie web host. Both 100 % free and low-cost choices available.
Free Trials

96. Moz Analytics
The leading of the Moz application suite, Moz Research provides a dash panel of all your essential marketing details in one place with workable analytics for better marketing.

97. Optimizely
Easy A/B examining and statistics to help you shift toward achievements in your CRO initiatives.

98. Raven
Raven provides a traditional suite of SEO, content, and analysis resources well-known with many promoters.

99. Visual Website Optimizer
Visual Web page Optimizer allows you to run A/B assessments with a simple online manager that allows you analyze content without understanding rule.

100. Wordtracker

A highly effective market and keyphrase analysis suite used by many top promoters, Wordtracker provides a nice analyze offer choice.