Friday, 3 August 2012

Useful On page SEO Techniques

  • Make excellent title for your content with 1 or 2 search phrases in it. For example if you are composing and content about on web page SEO your article’s name can be:(How to optimize your article and content – crucial on page seo tutorial)
  • Make a nice and easy title and Description Meta Tag. Most google use a highest possible of 60 chars for the Title and a highest possible of 160 chars for the Description Meta Tag. Add some labels relevant to your content – but do not put more than five. And what about the keywords? Individually I do not use them, neither do the google.
  • Use h1, h2, h3, and h4 components for your article(s). Put search phrases there. This will help the crawlers discover out the primary concept of your content. You know what the experience mentally stimulating games right? There are many figures there – the Master, the Full, etc. and every personality has it’s own energy. Suppose your content is a mentally stimulating games board! h1 is the Master – use it to tell the crawlers what is your content about. h2 is the Full and so on…
  • Use “strong”, “i” and “u” labels for your article. Put search phrases in them to highlight their importance!
  • Do not be sluggish when it comes to images! Go and discover some! Add them in your content and add keyword in the “alt” tag. This will carry more interest to your guests and will help with your SEO!
  • After the effort is done you must expose your development to the the world wide web world! This is a whole new globe known as Off Web page SEO.