Friday, 6 July 2012

No Nofollow Linking Penalty

Do you have an awful lot of sites linking to you with the nofollow attribute appended to the link? Are you concerned Search engines uses that as a indication to not believe in your site? Google Bob Mueller said don't fear, it won't harm you.

In a Search engines Website owner Help line, Bob Mueller of Search engines said having a lot of hyperlinks with nofollows directing to you won't have a bad effect on your website.
John wrote:
Having hyperlinks (even a huge variety of them) with rel=nofollow directing to your website does not adversely effect your website. We take these hyperlinks out of our PageRank computations, and out of our methods when they use hyperlinks.
It obviously won't help you either but it shouldn't harm.
I am a bit amazed by this, because if 90% of the hyperlinks directing to my website were nofollowed, I'd think that would increase a red banner. Of course, supposing I had a significant variety of hyperlinks.