Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Not so Large and Not so Bad Penguin Update

Last Thursday The google integrated the Penguin upgrade. This has been circulating around the SEO market in the past weeks time. Mostly, the problems are coming from dark-colored or greyish hat internet marketers. Surprise – The google penalizing those that are trying to control the google.
Matt Cutts made a statement at SXSW this year that had everybody being concerned out. It was about some kind of “over optimization” charge. Surprisingly, this is it.

This is a superb tutorial to understand, so the earlier you routine it into your go the better: the only way to have lengthy lasting outcomes with the SERPS is to pay attention to the buyer of your website. Why? Because that is what issues to The search engines.

The penguin upgrade (don’t you really like the black/white imagery?) is about trash. When you implement spammy conduct in your website or in your articles you are going to have concerns with The search engines.
The problem appears with what exactly is regarded trash or spammy? The litmus analyze is the buyer.
If you study a short article that is SEO enhanced for the terms “content marketing” but you never choose up on the repeating of that expression because it is only used properly, you are excellent. If the phrase “content marketing” begins to pop out at you because it interferes with the circulation of the concept – that is trash.
If you study the same factor over and over again on the same website, that does not help you. It’s frustrating and it is trash.

If you research the same content all over the position on different sites but you cannot tell where it came from originally? Which is junk.
If you see that a web page has plenty of odd incoming backlinks, that is junk. For example, we will say you see a web page that provides carpeting but has a back-link to a water program company. Or viceversa – that is spamtastic.

And lastly you see that you are losing among “just okay” form of content. Where the writers obviously examined out the top 5 outcomes for a expression and designed it together into a grammatically appropriate, basically unique but gradually worthless product of content. Which is junk.
When your web page does nothing but add to the ever improving disruption of the world wide web – it’s Spam.