Monday, 20 February 2012

SEO Don’ts

If you have been following my content in this website, you probably discovered that I eliminated my last two past content because I got fined by The google for scrapping the material of my other weblogs which will lowered the ratings of my websites on the SERP.

Since I have several weblogs and I don't sufficient publishing on each of them generally because I am too fast paced with my individual lifestyle. I was preparing to incorporate the content of my weblogs into one website, which seemingly changes out bad for me. Hopefully, by eliminating those content, it will help me get again my websites to the identify where they were before on the SERP.

Even though I know the truth that a website can get fined or much toughest suspended by The google for having repeat material, it converted out that I got reckless and didn't even believed about that. I wish that this works as a caution to all website owners and people out there.

On this publish, I'm going to reveal some SEO DONT'S that I know to prevent getting your website suspended by Look for Applications. Here are some of them:


Hiding is a dark-colored hat SEO strategy which provides articles using the IP adresses or the person broker HTTP. When a person is determined as a SE examine, it provides a different edition of website not introduced to an web surfer. The objective of this is to deceived Search Applications, but The search engines and other SE's say they can recognize it.

Doorway Pages:-

Entry Websites are websites made for new spamming the catalog of SE's with the purpose of delivering online customers to a different page.

Keyword stuffing:-

Search term filling is the act of including too many key terms to a web page. This is either meta data or website content.

Duplicate Contents:-

Repeat Material is when several sites have the same contents. Normally, The search engines will make a charge for this and the search term of the website won't position highly on the SERP.

Bad Neighborhoods:-

Bad Local local communities are those sites that uses illegal SEO methods to get higher look for position in the SERP.