Friday, 9 December 2011

Google SEO Tips

We are beginning this amazing journey by a short list of SEO pointers to get higher ranking in Google. The ancient SEO strategies that were used for many years aren't so effective or might be aggressive. With last Google update (Panda) on-page SEO became very crucial. You'll have then to follow the latest changes relating to Google to demonstrate high productivity with search engine optimization.

Choose an aged domain
Google likes old internet sites for top ranking and the age of the domain is a crucial parameter in SEO and SERP. You must try and buy ol domains for a new project or if can’t and do not want, buy your domain for no less than 5 years.

Write for your visitors
You should publish content that provide information not for Google but to your visitors. The articles must be enjoyable for your visitors et give them want to come back.

Upgrade your website or blog continually
Google always likes those internet sites that are always recent so you should add content 1 time a week. I send posts to my blogs at least once a week and also regularly update my blog articles.

Submit Promotional Releases
Submitting promotional releases is a great way to get free traffic and powerful backlinks. A well-crafted PR can be picked up by lots of publishers and that suggests lots of links. You will have then to draft a quality article without spelling and grammar errors.

Meta tags
Meta tags used to be an effective way for S.E.O but today they're not as significant. You can however use outline meta tags in your internet site, it takes only 2 minutes to do.

Heading tag
Heading tags like H1, H2 and H3 ones are still helpful but you have got to use them on the right way. The heading tags should follow each other and the centered keyword should be in the heading tags.

Setting up Sitemaps
sitemaps are also an imporant parameter in S.E.O. It allows Google automatic robots to find your content and the anatomy of your internet site easier. There are plenty of extensions for WordPress to set up sitemaps and you will have also to submit them in your Google Web designer account.

Mark Out Keywords
Bold, italicize or underline the most significant keyword of your post to highlight them.

Create external links
External links or backlinks is clearly the most significant factor in S.E.O. You should build external links to virtually all of the pages of your website and not only for the default page. There are lots of methods to create back-links and we will dive into it next.

Article distribution
Submitting content to directories is still a useful technique to get higher ranks though not as powerful as used to be. You can submit your new articles to several article directories and it'll create back links to your new post. You can do this fast by utilizing article submitter softwares.